Texas Baptists Brand Center


Simplify, Clarify, Unify


You may notice Tiered logos are not represented. This is not a mistake, but an intentional transition to simplify, clarify, and unify our Texas Baptists brand identity.

The Texas Baptists logo

Our logo comprises a Star-cross and a logotype set in Questa Sans.

Primary Logo

Our horizontal lockup is what we use most, it’s our starting QB.

Secondary Logo

Our stacked lockup is just like a second string, only put them in when the starter can’t play.

Logo mark

Our logo mark goes by the nickname, Star-cross. The mark features a combination of a singular star, a nod to our great Lone Star State, and a cross symbolizing the Christian faith.


Clear space should be kept free of other elements. The ideal clear space is equal to the cross inside the star on each side.

Other logos

Our goal is to minimize special cases as much as possible, but we like to make room for unique circumstances.

Executive Approval The use of unique logos outside of corporate standards must receive Executive approval. Instances of the use of unique logos include the following:

  • Events Executive-approved unique logos may be used for events with more than 250 attendees (e.g. Annual Meeting, Conclave, and Congreso).

  • Products and Services Executive-approved unique logos may be used where the intended audience extends beyond the Texas Baptist family (e.g. GC2 Press, Pastors Common, and BOUNCE).

Special Cases Executive-approved unique logos may be used in other special circumstances where deemed necessary (e.g. Christian Life Commission, small-scale logo).

Co-Branding Ministry is complex - our brand suite likes to follow suit. We tackle this challenge by co-branding unique logos with our primary logo or logo mark.

  • Full logos Always pair horizontally, never vertically.

  • Logo marks The goal here is a tasteful touch, not a bold hero.


Your background determines which version of our logo to use.

  • Full-color logo This is our bread and butter - use it only with these backgrounds.

  • One color logo We only use Seasalt white or Midnight black.


Real-life examples

Don’t stretch the logo

Don’t change the color

Don’t change the font